Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workout Wednesday

Please don't laugh.

Winston Churchill is one of my favorite people simply based on his famous quote "no sports", something I have been following for most of my life with sporadic attempts to become fitter and healthier. Unfortunately being thin does not equal being healthy. I've been told that exercise makes you feel better, but I think that is a big lie that people tell themselves and others. Of course I probably could have avoided some of my back issues if I had what is called core muscles.

Now that I've been blessed with a HUGE baby (20 lbs at 5 months), I really need to do something about my fitness level. I tried to lug a bag of books upstairs yesterday and today my arms hurt! Also, I almost dropped them. Unless HoYoung wants to sit on the couch with me all day (which I doubt), it is time to take action!

So today will be the start of my fitness regimen. I found some exercises on the internet that look halfway doable and today I will attempt to do a couple of sets (or at least one). But first, let me eat my chocolate chip cookie.


  1. Sandra, if you find something that works, let me know!! I'm in the same boat. Shoveling snow all day yesterday reminded me how out of shape I really am!

    Good luck . . . and pass the chocolate chip cookies!!

  2. At least you shoveled - I just watched my husband shovel :-)

  3. my husband tried to make me carry around a 5lb bag of sugar (which we aptly named sugar) but i think i held it for a total of 10 minutes and then forgot about it. hopefully our little girl will fare better than sugar and i won't forget about her. :)