Monday, February 8, 2010

I hate snow

Our area was just pounded with 30 inches of snow during the worst winterstorm in 90 years, and of course there will be more to come this week. Needless to say, this region is not well equipped to handle this amount of snow. They are doing remarkably well with the resources they have, but from what I understand it is mayhem out there. I wouldn't know first hand, because luckily my work is letting me work from home today and I am not leaving the house. Pretty much everything around here is closed, and might remain closed for the rest of the week for all I know.

Why am I saying this with a slightly p-o'd tone of voice instead of being ecstatic that I can stay home and work in my pj's (which I would be thrilled about under normal circumstances)?

The thing is that most people can't get to work. Including anyone who would have to touch our adoption paperwork. Our agency, the people who will have to process Ben's paperwork for the interstate compact (whoever that is), and USCIS. Even if we don't receive his legals until next week or even the week after, all of these people will have a backlog and God only knows how long it will take to get rid of that.

Therefore I am close to tears (yes, again) and may have even cried a little earlier in the day.

I have to apologize to anyone who knows me in person, but I have a feeling that I will not be a pleasure to be around until our son comes home. I am already losing my patience with people who haven't adopted or aren't in the process right now, because they cannot possibly know what it feels like to wait for your child to come home.

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