Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Games

I have always loved the Olympics and as a child I always dreamed of participating one day. That was until I discovered that you have to be really good at sports to take part in the Olympic games. And if you read my posts about exercising (or rather not  exercising), you know that I don't quite qualify and never did.

Anyway, I still love watching them and it seems that every time I get to add a nation to cheer for.

There's Norway, the country I was born in.

There's Australia, where I spent part of my childhood.

There's Germany, one of the countries I call home.

There are the US, the other country I call home.

If I'm desperate I'll claim Italy, yet another country I lived in. Italy I'm not really attached to, but it will do when none of my other teams are doing well.

And now I get to add South Korea to my list of countries that are in some way "my" country.

This way I get to be a winner most of the time. It's great being international.

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