Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's the little things...

I was relieved to find our I-797C Notice of Action in the mailbox today. It's good to know that our I600 has made it to its first stop in .... Missouri?

In the past applications were mailed directly to the office that would be working on them, but apparently that was just too convenient. So now they've added an extra step that adds about three weeks to the whole I600 nightmare. The application goes to Texas, which then seems to send it to Missouri, which in turn sends it to whereever it needs to go. So that's what my tax money is spent on!

I am asking for all kinds of good wishes and prayers that our I600 makes it to our local office and that the approval is a speedy one (in relative terms, of course).


  1. Man, why do they have to make it MORE difficult?? I hope it is speedy paperwork for you. I would have cried if I had been in that meeting, too. sigh. I about did when I read the email.
    At least the referral times seem positive.....

  2. I wish you lots of good thoughts! Sorry, I have not visited in some time! I get caught up with my photographing and well things at home;) I know it must be hard sometimes and difficult to keep positive spirits..we are here..reading and listening..with hopes high! And I know many other APs out there can's to a great Monday!