Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 weeks waiting. 7 months old. And more snow.

My baby is 7 months old today. I know he is loved and well taken care of, but my heart hurts. It's been three weeks since we received his referral. I would love to see some movement. I know that people are working in Korea to bring him home. In the US not so much. Everything here is closed for a third day in a row. Well, really for a fourth day since people went home early last Friday. We've got blizzard conditions. My work graciously allowed us to work from home - again. Which looks something like this:

Hubby's work deemed it safe to go to work. Whatever. He stayed home and is supposed to be cat sitting while I work, but clearly that is not happening (see picture of two cats chasing eachother above).
I've got my thermos' filled with warm water, am overheating the house, have dinner prepped (beef stew with lots of red wine) and will be making Mac and Cheese while I work. Hopefully the power will stay up this time around and we don't have to bring out the fondue to heat up our food. Okay, who am I kidding, it's still sitting on the dining room table from when we used it on Saturday.
I feel bad because I can't enjoy this as much as I should. I would normally do mental cartwheels around the house for a chance to stay home with my kitties - for pretty much an entire week no less. Now all I can think of is how our papers are floating somewhere without being touched. My husband is killing me with his optimism, he keeps on saying I should be happy we even have a referral. Why must he always focus on the positive? LOL
He is worried though that Ben will come home and will have nothing other than a carseat and carrier, since it's been snowing here pretty much ever since we got the referral and we only got to go to the baby store once, didn't buy anything, and haven't even decided on a crib. He is also worried about the theme of Ben's room. Shouldn't I be the one obsessing about that?

For now, please keep your fingers crossed we don't lose power! Everything is more bearable when you are warm.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry... I think we are in your general area (from the sound of your weather). I can't imagine waiting after referral while this area is practically shut down. Praying y'all don't lose power and that offices start opening up soon.

    (Found you via Margie at Third Mom.)

  2. I am sorry about everything being closed - that stinks! We have terrible weather here, too. (well today just ice and a wind storm) and our adoption agency has been closed all week. I hope your paperwork gets moving soon!!!

  3. Thank you for the kind words!

    I hope our agency opens again on Friday. I doubt it though. They're closed on Monday too, I think. But, who knows, maybe his legals haven't even been sent yet. Which wouldn't be good either. Being a control freak is hard when you're adopting LOL