Thursday, March 10, 2011

Move with me

Stability is hard for me. Really hard. I like to move. Since, unlike some of my bloggy friends, I am not physically relocating (ever again), I have decided to move my blog back over to Wordpress, where I started out.

I will be back at

I moved my blog over to Blogger because of all the cute things other people were doing with their Blogger account and I couldn't do with Wordpress. Turns out I never did any of those cute things because I am just not a cute person.

I am annoyed with Blogger for many reasons, and it's so much easier for me to read other people's Wordpress blogs on my i-Phone, so I have decided to move back to do all of you who read blogs via their mobile device a favor.

Please come with me!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh that mouth...

Open mouth kisses are a thing of the past... Ben now puckers his lips and makes the appropriate kiss sounds.... He also uses his mouth to make smacking sounds as he feeds his finger puppets Ernie and Elmo (who, by the way, also occasionally make out). And he can now drink out of a regular cup all by himself!!! I love seeing the progress he is making, but this is going too fast!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Look who's talking

It is so hard to imagine that a few weeks ago I was actually considering having Ben evaluated by EI because he wasn't saying much. Shortly after those thoughts, the words started, and within the past two weeks or so it seems like the flood gates have opened. He will repeat everything we say. Everything. Especially when we don't want him to.

He has also started using more words on his own. He'll say "Danke" (I think he is really trying to say thank you, it just comes out as the German version), "up", "down" (oh boy does he use those a lot), "honey" (after I gave him some for a cough), "done", "more". He loves to say "Prost" (=cheers) and clink his sippy cup with everyone else's cup at the table. Over and over and over. I joke and say that people will think we're heavy drinkers.

And he says "uh-oh" and "oops" all the time. Only his oops doesn't sound like that at all. It starts with the "oo" and then the rest of the word consists of a snorting noise made through his nose. I've tried imitating it, but I can't.

He also loves to say "hi" and especially "baba", accompanied by an enthusiastic wave. He'll greet any animal he sees and will also say baba after it leaves. He'll also wave good-bye to random people at a restaurant or store. Sometimes he'll wave at us and say baba, but sorry kiddo, you won't be able to stay home alone for several years.

His favorite animals are still bow-wow-wow's, buu (birds) and now sqch (squirrel - again with the nasal sound). He's also started grunting when he sees pigs and says '"eaow" for a cat. I am in awe of every little thing he does. Surely no other child is a genius like mine ;-) And since you're all here for the pics, here are some shots of Ben and his buddy Choi Boy at the farm (luckily for me his mommy Grace is more timely with her blogging and already wrote about it).

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I don't have any. I have about one million posts swirling around in my head, but can't find the time to put them on paper, or rather the computer. I have also neglected some of my friends, my work that has been so kind to let me earn some money from home, the awesome photoworkshop I wanted to participate in, and well, everything else in my life. I couldn't even tell you why I am so busy. I just know that after 14 hours of literally running after little man, all I can think of at 8 p.m. is sleep. I want to write about Ben's milestones at 19 months which include an explosion of words (up, down, honey, desk, and pen are new favorites) and the awesome Lunar New Year's festival we went to last weekend where we met tons of friends and Ben had a blast. I want to write about my wonderful and life saving German friends, who just like me are navigating life between two cultures (okay, that is a little melodramatic, but sometimes it really feels like I don't fully belong here nor there). And I want to write down all the little things Ben and I are up to every day, because isn't that what life is really about? At least now I will have this posting to remind me what I wanted to say.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forever Ours

I am surprised at how much it means to know that we are now officially the parents of our little boy. In our hearts he has been our son ever since he was placed in our arms 9.5 months ago.

Today I received a surprising call from our attorney who let me know that they received the final adoption decree. Ben's name is now officially Ben and he is a US citizen. And we're his parents.

The day the adoption became final was the anniversary of the day that our acceptance paperwork made it to Korea. Isn't it great that with all the little steps involved in adoption there is always a special date to pick from?

Now it's on to the final round of paperwork and we will be DONE.

The Joy of Love Day 1: What they do

I am participating in a month long photo workshop at Willette Photography and the first assignment was to capture "what they do".

Well, there's a lot of this going on at my house:

Little man loves to point!