Saturday, July 3, 2010

Second postplacement visit

Today we had our second postplacement visit and I - GASP - actually ended up missing a seemingly spectacular World Cup game. But Germany won so I will have another chance to see them.

The social worker was pretty impressed with the progress Ben has made and our little chunky monkey was hamming it up in front of her, which made me so happy. He was all smiles and giggles and ate an entire banana, which is a lot in one sitting.

DH and I almost got in an argument in front of her about the whole daycare (or rather me having to go back to work) issue and I think were ready to choke each other . I was hoping she'd be on my side, but she remained very neutral. Still praying for a miracle and am now advertising myself as a German tutor (the only skill I have to offer that I can think of) in the hopes that someone still considers this a useful language and is willing to throw a little money at me for teaching them. I don't have high hopes, but we'll see.

This weekend we're in high gear prepping for the big Dol next weekend and I am so regretting being a procrastinator once again. It's just really hard to get anything done with the little one around! Funnily enough, the husband's idea of prepping for the party was buying a chandelier. Huh?


  1. Ooh... can't wait to see the Dol pictures!

  2. At least you'll have a pretty light fixture?!!!!LOL