Friday, July 16, 2010

Life as a One Year Old

Ben's life has drastically changed once again after his first birthday.

First of all, we turned around that car seat and he seems to actually be doing better in the car! Which would be a huge relief, I owe my friends some visits and I am dying to go to DC.

Our first outing the first day after his birthday was to a city festival. It's hard to believe, but other than going to the store and one short disastrous trip to a park, this was the first time we were actually out as a family. It felt so good to just be strolling and looking at the booths and getting some snack food! Ben didn't even complain about sitting in the stroller!

Then, the big change was that he now goes to daycare. All by himself. I was able to work short days from home this week, so I stayed for almost an hour with him and then picked him up after his lunch. He is actually doing really well! He loves breakfast and lunch and I was told that he even likes to ride in their little buggy. The paranoid part of me is now thinking that he only does so well because he is not attaching to us. That's what I get for reading so many attachment books.

While it is hard for me to leave him, and I do wish I could stay home with him, I have to admit that I really enjoy "me" time, even if it is spent working. I emailed my friend earlier and told her that it was so great to just be able to go to the bathroom whenever I wanted without having to "store" a whiny baby somewhere. And I enjoy the time that I do have with Ben so much more. When I am with him all day, I am usually completely exhausted by lunch time.
Also in the news - last night he slept through the night from 8:30 until 7 even though we had an earthquake at 5 a.m. This is only the second or third time that he did not wake up at night!


  1. sounds like things are going well! I freaked out the other day when Parker wanted to feed himself that it was attachment, maybe just a strong willed baby!

  2. Lots of changes indeed! I'm glad day care went well for Ben (and the sleeping too!), and I'm glad being back at work is nice in some ways, too!

  3. It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job of easing Ben into daycare and yourself into work! Congrats, mama! I know how much you were dreading it.
    I wouldn't worry about attachment - he KNOWS you're special. How does he react when you come back to pick him up? I bet he smiles bigger then than he does all day!
    And hoo-boy, I remember how exciting it was to turn O's car seat around. That's a good, good thing :) Now for Ingrid...

  4. That's great! I'm glad he's adjusting well to daycare & the car seat being turned around.

  5. Yeah to a family outing and turning the car seat around - I won't be able to do that for poor Kyle until he is 2!

  6. Glad to hear he's doing so well! Did you feel the earthquake? We all slept right through it.