Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dol

We have had really hot, sunny weather here lately, and I had hoped that we would have a cooler day for Ben's big party. And we did. Unfortunately the reason for the cooler temps was that it rained and poured all Saturday morning, which ruined my plans of setting up everything on the deck and I had to cram things into my house.

I ended up stressing way too much, and having waaaaaay too much food, but we had a great time and are so thankful that so many friends showed up. Ben did really well and even let a few people hold him! I tried not to post pictures of people, some may not care for having their face on a public blog.

So, here are some pics:

Casper, the centerpiece:

Prepping for the party:

The glasses for the raffle:

Picture display - due to the weather we had to utlize our bookshelf:

The doljabe board:

If I never cut out a circle again my entire life, I will be very happy:

My good friend Bettina made that diaper cake! Still can't believe that she set foot in Michael's to buy that ribbon:

The dol table (at some point we added balloons, but I don't have a picture of that):

The doljabe - what will he choose?

He picked - MOMMY!

And finally after another 10 minutes of crying, the thread:

Hmm, cake!

Hmmm, maybe this is the item he really wanted to pick? Hasn't put it down since!

Family Picture


  1. Looks like a fantastic party! Happy birthday to Ben!

  2. I LOVE:
    -that you posted about the Dol. I've been waiting :)
    -the kitty centerpiece
    -that he cried for 10 minutes when he was supposed to be selecting his destiny
    -the family photo!

  3. You did an awesome job and the family photo is beautiful!!

  4. Looks like a great party to celebrate Ben! I love your tol table and Ben's name in circles. Great job planning. Now you can relax a little!

  5. Love it!!! And I love the "centerpiece"...too funny!!! You guys look so happy!!! Glad Ben had a great birthday....minus the crying part!!LOL

  6. I saw these photos on FB and was in awe of your decorating prowess. Nice! It looks like Ben had a great party and he looks so cute in his hanbok. He picked mommy? I LOVE THAT! Plus the thread means long life, right? Not bad! Happy Birthday Ben!

  7. what a great dol party for ben! you did an amazing job.

  8. You did an amazing job on Ben's Dol. I love the polka dot theme! I also love that Ben chose "mommy" before the thread:-)