Friday, May 7, 2010

We're having an awesome day!

Ben and I are having an awesome day. He sorta slept until 6 (with the help of 4 nighttime bottles) and was in a very good mood overall today. And we're having two naps today, so I get to rest and even get some stuff done. We got our adoption announcements in the mail yesterday and I already addressed some and mailed them! So excited!

The last two days were, well, not so great. After my post on... I forget what day it was, they all blend together. Anyway, after my last post I had the trip from h*** to the nursery. After a lot of crying in the car, we got o the nursery. Meanwhile, Ben had escalated to screaming. I got him out of the car seat and nearly broke my back and went looking for a cart to set him in. No cart with seat, only pull carts available. So I put on my Beco. Which still takes me forever to figure out! Meanwhile, Ben was still screaming and people were looking at me funny. I finally got him in the Beco, but something wasn't quite right. So I took him out again. Baby was still screaming. Eventually I got it right and picked my plants and then got to the register. Ben was screaming again. The lady rang up my plants and I handed her my credit card. They don't take our brand of card. Okay, fine. I tried the next card. It expired! I gave her my last card that I know doesn't have enough money on it. Declined, of course. So I trapsed off with my screaming baby and will not return to this place out of shame. It doesn't end there. Ben screamed in his car seat almost all the way home and all of a sudden he went quiet. I thought he had died! So I pulled over to check on him and of course he was fast asleep. I am totally laughing about this now, but it wasn't so funny when it happened.


  1. Oh no... what an awful trip to the nursery!!! :( Glad you can laugh about it now.
    And that video of Ben is soooo adorable!

  2. Awww...that sounds like a rough trip!!! He must have been super tired. It is amazing how awful they can act when they are sleepy!!! I love the video. He is so adorable.
    Sounds like you had one of your first fun mommy trips with a boy who will not cooperate! lol - at least he is cute!

  3. I am sorry you had a rough trip to the nursery:-( Kyle also hates the car seat for long trips and will cry and scream. I had a similar experience with Kyle screaming and then really quiet (he was asleep). I wanted to check on him, but I was on the freeway! I am glad you had a better day with Ben.

  4. OK, that sounds rough and exhausting! Love the video of your cutie - look at those pudgy arms! Adorable!