Friday, May 14, 2010

Four weeks ago...

was our family day!

Where oh where has time gone?

In my entire life time has never flown by as quickly as it has these past weeks! I honestly don't know where the hours, days, and weeks have gone! I feel as if I am just slowly getting settled into a new normal. I cannot believe how much other people get accomplished during their first weeks home (Kim, how on earth did you plan Kyle's dol during his first month home?)

Tomorrow we have our first post placement visit. We were supposed to have it earlier this week, but they needed to find a new social worker for us and thus it was rescheduled for tomorrow. Proctastinator that I am, I have still not printed the pictures or filled out the forms. Bad habit, I know.

Today Ben had another playdate, this time with his little friend Wylie. Wylie is also from Korea and the boys are only one day apart in age! Ben did okay, as long as he was in his high chair or on my lap. Wylie however is the happiest baby I have ever seen, smiling and laughing the entire time. I really hope these two get to grow up together!

Ben is getting better and better with pulling himself up to a stand and he can now sit back down after standing up. He crawls really fast (which is scary). He still loves to eat. Time in the high chair is always happy time. He still hates the carseat. I can make it to the grocery store, but that's it. He is also still iffy on the stroller and most of the time I end up with my bag in the stroller and the baby on my arm.

Sleep is still an issue. We still co-sleep, but I'd love to have him take one nap in his crib, so I can get a little bit of stuff done around the house. I love having the Beco, but it's still hard to do stuff with 24 pounds strapped to me! Yesterday I actually got in his crib with him and he did end up napping in it. I wonder if the crib is built to hold my weight?


  1. Look at him pulling himself up. Keep me updated on the sleeping situation. I need any tips I can have :)

  2. That picture is so cute! He'll be walking before you know it. Then the fun really starts! :) Happy one month together!

  3. Wow, four weeks?! Crazy. I hate to tell you, though, time only speeds up as they age :(
    Enjoy every minute!

  4. Crazy, Crazy that it was 4 weeks ago today, both of us became "mommies" within an hour of each other!! Ben gets more adorable every day!! Wish you had a picture of you in the crib with him!!LOL

  5. I cannot believe it has been a month! Ben is so cute in his Hawaiian shirt:-) Hopefully he won't start trying to grab things while in the Beco. Kyle started to do that last week in the Ergo so now I have a basket of kitchen toys for him to play with so I can get a few things done!

    Btw: How did I plan Kyle's dol - A LOT of Caffeine;-)

  6. Wow! Time has flown! He's still too cute!

  7. Four weeks home? Can't believe it! Love that you got in the crib with him - you are one brave mama!

  8. Sandra, Ben is so beautiful and he'll be running around the house in no time! Would have loved a snapshot of you in the crib - absolutely priceless!!