Monday, May 24, 2010


The US government realizes that this country is super lucky to have Ben. So far he's gotten two welcome notices, just after I got scared that his paperwork might have gotten lost. The guy at the airport customs office had told us that they are not supposed to take care of the paperwork, so for all I knew, he could've just put it in the trash.

Back in the day I got 4 or 5 letters, and then they sent my greencard to the wrong address. Hopefully Ben's greencard will make it to the correct address and hopefully the card will have his correct info! I can't wait to be done with USCIS one day....


  1. I've gotten two of everything. Including two notifications for favorable determination just today. ACK! At least they like him. ;-)

  2. I'll be waiting to a post to say "Bye Bye USCIS" !!

  3. Same with us - two welcome letters. Weird!