Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there - whether your children are home or you are still waiting to hold them in your arms.

I was showered with gifts and cards from friends and my husband and son.

Hubby was a little upset yesterday with his surprise flower delivery. Apparently he had ordered an arrangement of colorful flowers and what showed up was a bunch of broken white daisies. I thought it was hilarious! He complained and a couple of hours later the right arrangement arrived so now I have two! They even re-wrote the note, only this time it thanked me for raising our sons LOL.

This morning I got to sleep in and when I got up hubby made a delicious breakfast and Ben and daddy gave me their cards. Now my two boys are napping and I got some dishes and laundry done. Later I am hoping for a trip to Home Depot!

Even though the last couple of weeks have been kind of rough, I feel so honored and blessed that I get to be Ben's mom. It blows my mind every day that I get to see this awesome little person grow up!

I talked to my own mom this morning and wish I could see her in person today. I miss having my mom close by and I wish she could see her grandchild grow up.

Even though in Korea Mother's Day isn't celebrated (they have Parent's Day instead), I am keeping both Ben's birth and foster mothers in my thoughts today. I actually think of them every day and those two women hold a very special place in my heart.