Friday, March 26, 2010

Your call is very important to us. We are looking forward to speaking with YOU.

Of course I couldn't wait to call NVC, so much of the day today was spent listening to above message. Unfortunately work kept on getting in the way, so I had to hang up and call back several times without getting through.

I was a little surprised when I finally got a person on the line. She seemed a little confused when she asked for a casenumber and I didn't have one. I told her I was looking for my I-600 and she asked me for the petitioner's name and DOB and the child's name and DOB and then read my husband's phone number, so I knew they had our I-600. She said they received it yesterday! I almost forgot to ask for the casenumber :-)

They're open until midnight, so I might call back to see if we're logged out. I am completely obsessed!


  1. I would be the exact same way. So exciting!!!

  2. Yay! When I was calling it was the week of the earthquake in Haiti. Their message said that there were urgents issues and to call back. They acutally hung up on you. Well, I hope your next post is NVC out!!!

  3. We're all guilty of being obsessed. It's part of the fun ;)

  4. I tried to call today too, but couldn't wait any longer for someone to actually talk to me!! My husband is our part-time youth minister, & we are hosting a youth rally this weekend, so things have been crazy!!! But hopefully, since we are within a day of each other with the I600 being approved, I'm right there with you!!!

  5. Yes, we are all guilty of this obsession. After stalking NVC, you will be stalking DC:)

  6. I am kinda enjoying being obsessed LOL

    Kala, that must have been frustrating...

    Lisa, I wouldn't be surprised if your P3 was already sent out.