Thursday, March 4, 2010

Was that me screaming at you? Ooops.

I thought I finally got it into my head that no one other than other AP's get how I feel right now.
I was able to smile gracisoulsy through some odd conversations about my little boy and his estimated arrival and ignore many comments that would have sent me through the roof not that long ago, innocent as they were. But yet today I found myself screaming at a poor guy at work pretty much at the top of my lungs. He said something about how a couple of months of additional waiting wasn't so bad and how his friends had to wait for 9 months when they adopted from Guatemala. So I yelled at him that he can't possibly know how I am feeling and that he is not entitled to an opinion unless he has adopted himself. Oops, sorry about that. I hope they won't fire me for being an emotional wreck.

I know a couple of weeks ago I loved it when people asked how things were going, because they showed interest, but now I just want to be left alone. There are no news, at least none that mean anything to anyone outside of the AP world, and there will be no news for a long time. If there are news, I will tell you.


  1. i'm sorry that happened to you. there were many days when i wanted to write "don't ask" on my forehead or on a t-shirt b/c it just hurt too much to talk about it.

  2. I totally understand. Now that we have been waiting almost three months people still ask me all the time is there any new updates? Then I fake a smile and say no. I know they mean well but it just reminds me that there is nothing I can do but wait. Hang in there mama!

  3. I *so* get it. In fact, what Jenny said above? I wrote a post saying the same thing. I just wanted a t-shirt that said "no I haven't heard anything. Please don't ask." I think it's hilarious and annoying that people think we just would *forget* to tell them about the most important thing in our lives. Sigh...
    Your outburst is totally warranted and what so many of us other APs would love to do, but don't have the cajones to do. :)

  4. First..I want to say how sweet he is..beauitful picture! And hope good news will come soon!