Monday, March 15, 2010

Surprise Baby Shower!

This weekend we went to visit the husband's family that lives about four hours away. His parents just recently vistited us, so to be perfectly honest I wasn't too thrilled about going there. My husband convinced me that this might be the only weekend we would be available before Ben comes home. 
We got there and met my in-laws at an Olive Garden (which I HATE), then all of a sudden he started talking about having to buy running shorts at a sporting goods store. If looks could kill, he wouldn't be alive today. We went to a Dick's store and he started looking at EVERYTHING in that store. Soccer shirts, canoes, shoes, hiking gear... Every 10 minutes I would nag saying that it was extremly rude to his mom to spend all this time in a store when we were just visiting for two days. Well, we finished up at this store, and then he dragged me to the town center to look for a gift for his mom!

Finally we headed back to the house and I saw a car pulling up in front of us and my friend and her mother-in-law got out (who is my MIL's best friend). I didn't think much of it, since there are always random people at MIL's house.

Well, I went into the living room, and the room was decorated in blue and there was a gorgeous cake that had my name on it! It was a total surprise and so sweet of my mother-in-law. Hopefully someone will send me pictures, since I was not prepared to take any!

It was a wonderful afternoon and I abandoned my no-sugar-for-lent policy and had some chocolate fondue and the very yummy lemon cake. I was very hyper after that.

It meant so much to me that these people, some of whom I didn't even know, came together to celebrate the impending arrival of our son.


  1. What a wonderful surprise:) You will have to post some pictures!!!

  2. That is an amazing suprise! I feel the same about the Olive Garden.....

  3. How sweet of your in-laws! Sounds like a fun time!

  4. Awesome! How sweet of them to go to the trouble of a surprise shower :)

  5. That's awesome! What a wonderful surprise! So glad that you got to celebrate!