Sunday, November 1, 2009

While we're waiting...

Waiting. Is that a synonym for adoption? It sure seems like it is! There's the wait to wait, the wait for referral, and then the wait for travel. Oh yeah, and then the wait until finalization. That's a lot of waiting!

In an effort to do something useful with the time, we've thought long and hard about the things we need to or want to do now, before the little one comes home. 

1. Weekends away!

We both love to travel, and we might not be travelling for a while once we add baby to the family. We started with a night at a B&B in Charlottesville, which was FABULOUS. We're also planning on a night in NYC before Christmas (or at least a day).

2. Home improvement

This sounds so much better in theory. We're decked out with home improvement books and have a list of things we'd love to do with our home, but as it turns out, it is taking us 2 whole days just to recaulk our shower. Maybe this isn't our forte!?

3. Photography

I finally want to learn more about taking pictures! I love to snap photos, but am the most impatient person in the world. I have vowed to learn the ins-and-outs of my camera before we go to Korea so I can shoot incredible pictures.

4. Back to learning Korean

So it's been a while since our Korean class and unfortunately it seems as if we've forgotten most of it. Hubby brought home Korean CD's from the library and that's what we're listening to during our commutes. Something will stick!

I'd love to join another class, but there doesn't seem to be much close to home.

I'm pretty sure that this list will continue to grow.


Speaking of waiting, this weekend my heart goes out to all Eastern families who found out that their travel will be delayed for several months. Instead of the typical 3-5 month wait after referral to bring their children home, they are now facing a wait that may take up to 8 -9 months after referral.

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