Friday, January 23, 2009

Giving birth to an elephant

Hopefully in about 2 years I will be able to post pictures of our little family of four (I am counting the furry baby).

Our journey to parenthood began last summer when we began thinking about how we should add to our family. With a history of unsucessful TTC in the past (and my unwillingness to revisit those unpleasant times), we quickly began exploring adoption as an option. We got a stack of books, and began attending informational meetings at adoption agencies in the area.

Slowly, we began gravitating towards adopting from Korea. Once this decision was made, all that was left to do was to pick an agency. We chose the agency that responded quickest to our questions, and one that was located in the area we live in.

This process will not be easy, and it will be long. In fact, from today it will probably take just as long as an elephant's pregnancy until we can hold our baby.

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