Friday, August 20, 2010

Unexpected side effects of motherhood

I think it is safe to say that I went into motherhood completely clueless, but still, some aspects of it surprise me more than others.

Like that people now forgive me for much of my clumsiness. It has always taken me forever to get the car loaded after the trip to the grocery store, and even longer for me to get in the car and get situated. Now people think it's because of the baby and smile and laugh at me.

Trying to get a door opened to go into a store - always a challenge (push, pull - why is it so heavy anyway?). Now with a baby, people will actually help me.

I am surprised by the amount of compassion I get from other people, mostly older women, when I am out and about with an unruly child. They smile and say "don't worry, mine were like that too".

All of a sudden it is perfectly acceptable to come to work totally exhausted. Other moms will group around and share why they haven't slept in weeks.

Other side effects have to do with my outlook on life. All of I sudden I, Miss Quiet, am speaking up for myself. I asked my work for flexible hours, which they granted (on a trial basis). I never ever expected this! I have also applied to our county's adult education division to teach a class for prospective adoptive parents (kind of along the lines of "Things to consider before adopting"). I figured I might as well put my obsession with adoption to good use. Again, I was super surprised that they are even considering it and I got an interview for next week.

Being a mom has made me rethink my priorities in life once again, and while of course being the best mommy I can has become a priority, I have also realized that I do not only have an obligation to my child, but also to myself to go beyond my comfortzone, grow, and enjoy my life.


  1. Love this! Amazing the self-confidence you gain from being a mommy, eh?

  2. I'm with Kelly. I LOVE these insights you have shared!!! But my favorite is that you're speaking up for yourself and coming out of a shell. So fantastic!

  3. hi hi! so funny and random that we met today, but SO very glad we did :) i'm surprised i didn't find your blog sooner!
    love this list! looking forward to getting there myself! :)

  4. I love this. Especially since one of my first times out with S in the stroller solo, I got both of us crushed by a door. (Not really crushed, but you know what I mean) Then I actually got the stroller caught on the door. Some nice man had to come detangle us. :-)

  5. everything you said is so true. i tend to be soft spoken and extremely non-confrontational but motherhood sure changes and grows you. now, especially if it has to do with my children, i have no problems speaking out.

  6. I had to check out your blog as soon as I read your comment about not liking Eat, Pray, Love either.

    It sounds so cliche, but motherhood is truly life-changing, in both big and small ways. For me, the biggest change is the reminder to be in the moment and enjoy the present...its awesome that its made you more courageous and outgoing.