Sunday, August 22, 2010

My boy at 13 months

Ben is developing so quickly, and I am scared I will forget all of his firsts if I don't write them down.

Things he is doing at a little over 13 months old:

  • He walks while holding our hands. He is getting really good and quick! He loves to walk in circles in our living room/kitchen.

  • He loves to turn lights on and off. And on and off again. And again. You get the gist. One day I showed him a light switch to distract him from a temper tantrum and now he points to light switches and wants to turn them on and off all.the.time

  • He feeds himself with a spoon - sort of. I have to load the food on the spoon, hand it to little man, who then either stuffs it in his mouth or waves it around so the food lands on the wall, and then hands me back the empty spoon to be refilled.

  • He gives sloppy open mouthed kisses without us prompting him to! It's the cutest thing.

  • He still loves his highchair and will sit for hours and lecture us with a pointed finger and loud babbling.

  • The other day he finally sat in the shopping cart for almost the entire trip through the grocery store. I usually put him in the Beco, but this time I wanted to run to the store right after daycare and didn't have the carrier with us. So, it was either carry him and have my arm fall off right after the bakery section, or have him sit in the cart. And to my surprise sit he did!
  • Daycare taught him how to use a sippy cup and he loves it! It's his comfort item.
  • He has discovered that his index finger fits perfectly in his nose.


  1. Happy 13 months, little man! What a cute photo!

  2. he is adorable! those kisses sound precious ;) and the finger in nose? hilarious! and inevitable, huh?

  3. Ben you are so darn cute! Glad you are sitting in the cart...much easier on Mom!

  4. wow. sounds like he is growing into quite the little man. i love his rosy cheeks. :)