Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're home!

Monday morning we hecticly finished packing our suitcases since we didn't get done in time on Sunday evening due to someone's sleep schedule. Then we got in our cab and off we went to the airport. I tried to soak in as much of Seoul as I could during the cab ride and as Hoyoung was sleeping in his daddy's arms, I cried some more quiet tears. I was so happy to finally be the mom of our little angel, but so sad at the same time.

Traffic was surprisingly good, but there were long lines at the airport so I am glad we left early. Our little boy drew lots of attention, and we learned that he a) hates all old people (foster mom said he hates old men, but he screamed at every old person that looked at him) and b) hates the clicking sound Koreans make to babies. All throughout the trip, starting at the airport, we got all kinds of good advice on how to stop the screaming. Like - his bib is too tight, he is not dresses warm enough, is dressed too warm, he is hunrgy, he has a wet diaper. Ugh.

Once we got to the counter, the gentleman couldn't find the reservation for the lapticket. In the meantime, Hoyoung had started screaming so my husband was politely asked to remove the baby from the ticketing area LOL.

After another long line at security we went to find water to make a bottle - all the things I hadn't thought about!

Soon it was time to board the plane, and one perk of having a baby is getting to board first!!!! Yay!
We had bulkhead seating and a bassinet, which turned out useless for Hoyoung, but good for our stuff.

The flight was long. He barely slept and wanted to be walked a lot. He did have periods of giggling and playing, but sitting on someone's lap for an extended period of time is just not comfortable!

After we arrived at Dulles, the screaming baby got us to the front of the immigration line and soon we were on our way home.

It was so strange to be home. First of all - it is so green here! Azaleas are in full bloom and it feels like summer, where Korea felt much more like winter still. The cats were very cautious around the baby, especially the one that can hear! It's hard on them that they now have to share the attention. We took an afternoon nap and then an evening nap and were up for most of the night with the baby.

Today we got a playful baby that loves his high chair (to my surprise) but hates my rice porridge! We put him down at around 10 for what we thought would be a nap but turned out to be a good day's sleep until 4. Needless to say, I slept too, while daddy ran out to Target to buy a few necessities like more wipes and diapers - and pajamas. Afterwards we went a walk and then tried out the pack'n'play, which he really enjoyed.

Overall it was a great day, but really exhausting trying to carry a squirming 24 lbs baby, feed him, change him, get things done around the house and make sure the cats don't wreak havoc on the house. At some point today Freddy was sitting in the palm tree container snacking on the plant, Casper knocked over the trash bin and the recycling bin and was taking out things from the recyling basket and placing them all over the kitchen, and Ben grabbed an openend banana and smeared it all over me and himself.

Now our life as a family begins!


  1. Welcome home!!! This is *such* an exciting/crazy/fun/sleep-deprived time for you guys. Soak it all in, sleep when you can, and enjoy that baby!!!

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad you made it back safely. It's a hard adjustment at first--get as much rest as you can and take care of yourself, too! It's so fun to see Ben at home with you. :)

  3. Boy does this sound familiar!!! I keep telling myself to hang in there, it will get better!!! So hang in there girl!!!

  4. Welcome back! Ben is adorable :D Hoping you get plenty of sleep soon!

  5. Sounds like complete paradise, Sandra!! Enjoy every minute of it - this is what you've been dreaming of! Welcome home!

  6. YEA!! I am so happy he is home. What a little cutie. Try to get some rest - that flight home sounded LONG. :)

  7. Welcome home and congratulations on your new family. How exciting! I hope the transition goes smoothly! What a sweet little face he has!

  8. Welcome home! I noticed on face*book that you are depending on caffeine to get through the day like I am:) Kyle hates the pack'n'play so I don't get anything done when he is awake! I hope you some rest soon and look forward to seeing more photos of you holding precious Ben!0

  9. Welcome home! Your adventure continues! Sounds like things are crazy and tiring but AWESOME! Congratulations on being a family of three at home! I am excited to follow along now that Ben is in your home. He is adorable.