Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We met Hoyoung!

I am neglecting the blog, but we're busy busy busy.
Yesterday was AMAZING.
We rode the very crowded subway (twice someone helped us with directions) - being like sardines has a whole new meaning and then found our way to SWS. Have I mentioned it's cold here? LOL.

There we were sent to the top floor to the intercountry adoptions department. We asked for our social worker and were asked to take a seat. She came out and we handed her our present and then did some more waiting on the couch. It was so surreal to actually be at SWS!
Then I got to meet my online friend Lisa and her husband! It turned out that our foster families lived close together, so we shared a van ride to meet our babies.
The driver actually ended up getting lost in the neighborhood our foster family lives in, so we drove in circles several times. Our social worker made some phone calls and finally she gestured us to get out. We stood in the street for a couple of seconds and then this woman comes out of one of the houses. I didn't even recognize her at first! It turned out to be Ben's foster mom and she was wearing a sleeping baby on her back - our son! I keep on using the word "surreal" - but that's what this was.
We went upstairs and the foster mom pointed at us and said "umma" and "appa" - that's us! We then spent some time on the floor with little Hoyoung. He is amazing! He is HUGE and he likes to eat. At some point the foster mom served us frozen persimmons and strawberries and Hoyoung was really enjoying the food. He gets a bottle every 3 hours but only wakes up once a night for a bottle. He goes to sleep at 11 and wakes at 10. He is really really strong and kept on bouncing. He also chewed on my hands. Little teeth hurt!
We got to ask some questions, but I felt like the foster mom was saying a lot of things about him that weren't translated. It went by so quickly! It was amazing to see where he lived for the past couple of months, and also made me realize how hard it will be to take him away from all of this.

Okay, more later, the husband is rushing me! Last day without baby!


  1. i'm so glad you got a chance to post! he is so adorable and i can't wait for most updates. :)

  2. So glad things are going well - I check your blog every few hours hoping for an update!! Enjoy the rest of your week and time with Ben in Seoul!

  3. He is beautiful! So glad that your meeting with your son went well. Enjoy your time in Seoul!

  4. he is just adorable! i'm so excited for you guys. enjoy your last day as a couple... it'll be a loooooong time before you get that feeling back :)
    and in a few hours you'll be MAMA!!!

  5. Oh, he's so cute! Look at those big rosy cheeks! Amazing ... enjoy it all, soak it in. You'll be a family of three soon!

  6. Aw! Look at those little cheeks! He is precious!

  7. What a little cutie! I'm so glad to see pictures of Ben Hoyoung in your arms! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  8. He is adorable! You look so happy holding him:)

  9. He is just too cute! I'm so happy for you all. Enjoy the rest of your time in Korea.