Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why is this anyone's business?

Since I am a HGTV addict, I have been blissfully spared from an overkill of Michael Jackson coverage in the media. But even in the little bubble I live in, I have been exposed to all the speculation and talk around his death. I totally get that he was an icon and that people are going to talk about his life and his death. I also understand that many people have different opinions about all the drama in his life. I wasn't there, so I cannot judge what actually happend (or didn't).

Here's what irks me as a PAP: the constant talk about his children. Why are people so interested in who the biological parents are? And why do so many people think that the children should live with their bio mothers, when they haven't been involved in their lives for years, or even never. Why do people care if Michael Jackson was their biological father? Even if he wasn't - he was their dad.

I think it would be a blessing for these children to know their biological parents (assuming that MJ was not the sperm donor), but who these parents are and what relationship they have with these children should be a private matter.

I got into a shouting match with someone over who the children should live with, because this person was convinced that the kids must stay with their bio moms, or at least another blood relative.

It makes me so sad for my future children that society seems to value blood over love. So many people will not be able to accept us as a family, because we will not share genes.

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