Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waiting to Wait

We're still waiting to officially wait.

There is one clearance missing before we can finally start the homestudy process. They've cashed the check weeks ago, so I would assume that someone somewhere is working on something. It is very hard for me to not obsess about when this clearance will finally arrive at the agency and we will be scheduled for our first homestudy visit.

On the brighter side, this week we went to our first Waiting Parents meeting at our agency. That was the highlight of my week. It is such a wonderful feeling to be in a building full of people who are in the same place as we are. We were able to speak with people in other programs and hear their stories, their heartbreaks and successes, and we were able to meet others who are waiting for their child from Korea. It was encouraging just to be around people who simply understand, and for whom clearances, social workers, visas, foster families and foreign travel are just a normal part of becoming a family.

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