Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where has time gone?

My time at home with Ben is quickly coming to a close. I cannot fathom how quickly this has all gone, even though on some days there are still moments that seem to just drag on.

I am absolutely dreading returning to work. I feel like we're finally making good progress and most days I have a great time spending my day with Ben. He is showing more and more of his true personality and I have learned a little more about how he ticks, therefore I think both of us are enjoying each other more.
It's no secret that being a mom is not something that came easy to me, but it really is getting better every day. Cheesy as it sounds, my love for my son is still growing every day.

We've continued having playdates, are visiting his daycare, and have started baby swimming. We've made it around the neighborhood in the stroller, but still encounter bloodcurdling screams in the car seat.

Ben LOVES to be in the water. Unfortunately his little pool deflated, so for now he has to make do with a little water table at home, but we're planning on getting him in the big pool at the community center more often.
We're getting to know other moms and their babies, but I have to admit that I still feel most comfortable among other adoptive families. Many moms of children Ben's age seem to still be reliving their pregnancies and past milestones, and also seem very hung up on who their baby looks like. All of these are things I just cannot relate to and there are few things more boring than listening to someone go on and on about whose nose, eyelashes, ears, dimples etc their child has.

Why can't they just take their child as who this child is rather than desperatly trying to find pieces of others. But I'm ranting again.

My sweet boy turns one in less than two weeks. Don't get me started. I am supposed to be planning his dol. I did send invites and started on a dol tower, but that's pretty much the extent of my planning. Yikes! I have grand ideas, but the closer the day comes, the less I think they will become reality!


  1. The picture is too cute! I was just going to email you to say hello and see how you all were doing. Great post. Don't be surprised when someone tells you he looks "just like you (or your husband". For some reason there are those that think you need to look like your children in order to "claim" them. I get told Zoe looks like me all the time. Um, she's Chinese and I'm blond. I just tell them she's way better looking than anything I could have created :) Glad to see all is well!

  2. Best of luck with the return to work. And I *totally* understand what you mean about bio moms :)

  3. I think I can see how hard that would be to sit there with bio moms talking about their pregnancies, when their babies were newborns, and who looks like whom. That would be pretty annoying to be around! I'm glad you've got some adoptive families to hang around.

    Good luck with your transition back to work!

  4. I'm so glad to hear you've been making such good progress with Ben. I hope you and Ben have a smooth transition as you return to work.

  5. Ben is so adorable!!!! I am glad things are going well. My kids have never looked a thing like me, so I was never one to rant and rave about that. But it is funny how other people are always trying to find similarities in our looks, maybe people just have a hang up with that?? I was adopted as an infant and funny how often I am told I look like my Mom when in reality there is no blood relation.
    Anyway, I love how happy he looks in that pool!!