Monday, June 7, 2010

What Ben's been up to

In the past week Ben has had more playdates. He is still no fan of other children, but it is slowly getting better. Very slowly.

He also made it in the car for an 18 minute ride with no tears! On the way back however, he got so hysterical that he threw up. Poor baby!

He can climb the stairs! Quicky!

He can stand unassisted for 18 seconds, but will only do it for daddy.

He also has his first cold since he's been home. Poor little guy is coughing up a storm.


  1. Yay!! So happy to see updates and pictures of Ben!! Think about you guys all the time - so glad to hear things are getting better - slowly but surely!! Take good notes - I think I'm going to need them!!

  2. Love the Ben update! He's doing so well :)

  3. He's so cute!!! He's seems to be doing well!

  4. So cute! Boo to the cold though :(

  5. Wow! Ben is doing so well:-) Love the photo!