Monday, April 6, 2009

Last Home Study Visit

On Saturday we saw our social worker for the last time until after we have our baby (unless we have to update our homestudy). She came to our house to make sure we have originals of all the documents we handed in and then we did a very quick tour of the apartment. To my own surprise I did not panic and clean all day, and I am glad I didn't! It was totally pain free.

Now our social worker will write the homestudy within the next couple of weeks and then it will get sent to USCIS. This will start our visa application process to bring an orphan to the US from Korea.

On one hand I am so relieved to be done with this part, but on the other hand I am dreading the coming wait. Everything will be out of our control and we will completely rely on others to do their job as fast and efficient as possible.

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  1. Mensch toll Sandra, es geht voran. Ich hoffe USCIS beeilt sich auch ein bisschen mit dem Visum.