Thursday, March 10, 2011

Move with me

Stability is hard for me. Really hard. I like to move. Since, unlike some of my bloggy friends, I am not physically relocating (ever again), I have decided to move my blog back over to Wordpress, where I started out.

I will be back at

I moved my blog over to Blogger because of all the cute things other people were doing with their Blogger account and I couldn't do with Wordpress. Turns out I never did any of those cute things because I am just not a cute person.

I am annoyed with Blogger for many reasons, and it's so much easier for me to read other people's Wordpress blogs on my i-Phone, so I have decided to move back to do all of you who read blogs via their mobile device a favor.

Please come with me!


  1. I've been wanting to move over to wordpress too. It seems much easier & I could password protect certain posts if I wanted to. Haven't looked into it much yet......

  2. I'm coming (and may be switching over as well in the near future).

    BTW - I think you're a cute person - it's OK if your blog isn't cute. :) I try to be cute on my blog and it pretty much fails so wordpress sounds like a great plan. ;)

  3. FYI - if you click on your link blogger automatically adds blogger into the title so it says page not found - once you take the blogger part out it works!

  4. i'm not far idea I could read better on my phone!